Welcome to my cel gallery! I've been a collector of various things almost my entire life, so it's only natural that the idea of owning animation cels would intrigue me. However, the prices were always too high for me to seriously consider collecting them. One day, about 10 years ago, however, I stumbled upon some anime cels. Having grown up with the likes of Robotech, Voltron, and Transformers, I have been an anime fan as long as I can remember. So you can imagine my delight to find I could afford these one-of-a-kind collectibles. Thus started an obsession. I hope you enjoy the gallery!

News & Updates

10/30/2012Updated with a couple of new Bleach sketches and some original artwork!
11/21/2011Small update- Shuffle! Is one of my favorite "harem" anime, and I purchased a genga/douga set of Sia and Nerine a while back and finally scanned it. Enjoy!
7/6/2011AX just ended, so you know what that means- update time! I added two amazing, amazing pieces to my Bleach gallery- both items were a top priority on my wishlist.
2/16/2011Added some quality pieces to my Bleach collection today. Check it out!

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Title Last Updated
Ah! My Goddess 6/20/2007
Bleach 3/25/2020
Dragoon 8/2/2003
El Hazard 12/2/2003
Fam and Ihrie (Ruin Explorers) 8/2/2003
Fate/Stay Night 1/16/2018
Inuyasha 1/15/2018
Key the Metal Idol 8/31/2003
Naruto 4/10/2012
RahXephon 1/29/2004
RahXephon Movie 9/5/2003
Rayearth 7/31/2003
Record of Lodoss War 8/6/2007
Sakura Wars 8/5/2003
Shuffle! 11/21/2011
Sketches and Custom Artwork 10/29/2012
Tenchi Muyo 12/2/2003
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase 6/19/2007
Xenogears 8/5/2003

Curator: Blue_scion
Gallery Created: 7/31/2003

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